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Waldehuset was the only house in the eastern district which was not burned down during the great fire of January 23rd 1904. Come and hear the incredible story of the miracle house.

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About ten thousand people became homeless when 850 homes went lost during the great fire in Ålesund January 23rd. 1904. One house in Grensegata remained standing amongst the ruins. Anders Nor, who lived in the house, was visited by an angel the day before. The angel promised that his home was going to be spared. Furniture that was removed from the house, lit up in flames, but the house stood unharmed when every other building in the eastern district burned to the ground. The house was built around 1870, and has been in property of the Walde family. In 2012 the Pentecostal Church Filadelfia Ålesund aquired the house. It has since been restored, so that many can now visit the miracle house.



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